welcome! i'm so glad you are here!

time flies and i often find myself grasping for moments and people trying to pause the season. for my misfortune, i have found that i personally do not have much power in the area of manipulating time. luckily i have discovered a way to catch time and preserve it. i am so thankful for the ability to use a camera and capture a faction of time with my lens. in my discovery of photography, i have captured beautiful people, places, and things. here's a little snippet of my work and i hope that i will see you in front of my lens soon. thank you for stopping by!

much love,


“i loved spending this time with margaret for some many reasons. i love being around her and hearing more about her heart, she made the day so much more sweeter and really invested in this big moment with me. margaret was able to capture these really sweet moments with my friends, my boyfriend josh and with just me. these are pictures that I’m going to be keeping for the rest of my life, and i wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to have been there but her!!”

“when you photograph a face... you photograph the soul behind it.”